Friday, October 12, 2007

MLBF in the News

Hey fellas,

I thought I would write a quick post about a few new places that have highlighted my weight loss transformation. I've already blogged about my story being featured at; now, pictures of me have been posted to CNN's Fitnation website (click on #5 for my pictures), and they are planning on interviewing me for a feature piece at the beginning of the year. The only problem I have with the CNN piece is that they used an old after photo of me because my current one doesn't show my face. While I understand why they did this, the picture that they did use shows me at least 30 lbs heavier than I am now! But, that's cool because I'm going to be taking professional photos next month, so no more taking pictures of myself in the mirror for me.

Also, my school newspaper was kind enough to interview me about my weight loss story. You can check out the story and a current picture of me here. I know that I look pretty thin in this picture, but don't worry because there is a beast of a body being developed underneath the XL polo shirt I'm wearing!

And, finally, I was contacted by the good folks at Weight Loss Tips to do an online interview. I've responded to their questions, and I'm just waiting for my story to be posted. Once it's up, I'll let you guys know.


Lowcarb_dave said...


The message will be getting out there!

Anonymous said...

You go, man!
Good for you! Keep up the good fight and keep getting those media tidbits out there! Your photos tell one of the best stories I ever heard!

Mr. LowBodyFat said...

Thanks fellas, I really appreciate the support. Adam, I'm working hard so that my next set of pixs will continue to impress you ;)

George said...

Wow....what a change. Great job. Keep it up. check out my blog. I dont have such a great story to tell but I got some useful stuff that people can use to lose