Thursday, November 8, 2007

MLBF News Flash: New Pictures Coming Soon ...

The first time that I did Nike Hill with my ex and her youngest daughter, Katherine, I remember that she told me the wrestlers at her high school would pump themselves up by saying, "Get some . . . get some!!!" in an almost snarling grunt. So, when we were making it up the last hill before reaching to the top, we kept telling each other to "Get some" the closer we got to the top.

Well, this phrase has stuck with me, and I use it to get me through my all aspects of my training. Fellaz, I've been working my ass off these last six weeks just to see how much I could continue to lean out by following a high frequency training (HFT) full body routine using only body weight exercises, and I'll have more answers for you next week as this is week six.

Also, on this coming Saturday, I have an appointment to have my first professionally shot pictures taken. I'm pretty excited, a bit nervous, but mainly excited about sharing with you my progress so far.

I've been so focused on working out that I haven't even been posting on my favorite weight loss forums. If you're looking for places with different views on low-carb eating and working out, then you may consider checking out the following forums:

OK, without giving anything away too much about how I'm progressing, I'll leave you with this little tidbit--I just bought a new pair of jeans with a 34 inch waist! Yeah baby, Get some!!

Talk to you next week and please be sure to answer the poll question to give me an idea of what you'd like for me to post about next ...


Lowcarb_dave said...


Thanks for the link!

Much appreciated!


Barbara said...


I can really relate to "power sayings" - my particular personal one is "I can DO this!". I've been known to yell this to myself 37 times during treadmill dashes, during karate practice, even during kendo swords fighting.

It's a very useful way to empower yourself.



Mr. LowBodyFat said...

No problem D! Barbara, thanks for stopping by and congrats on your success so far. Yes, "power sayings" really get you over the hump when you think that you can't make it. Take care.