Friday, December 28, 2007

5 Ways to Get Fit in 2008

One thing that I've enjoyed since starting my blog back in August is that I've met some really cool people, who also are interested in blogging about fitness and health. One person is Mark McManus, who usually drops by and leaves a comment or two. I like Mark's writing style and his approach, so I check out his blog weekly. Well, today I came across a post that I had to share with you guys because I couldn't agree more with all of the points he makes.

See for yourself and leave the brother a comment while you're at it:

5 Ways to Get Fit in 2008

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Stay tuned for more details on MLBF's 12 week "In Search of Sandow and the Classic Male Physique" Body Transformation coming in a couple of days!


Sparky's Girl said...

Hi Mr. Lowbodyfat! I just found your blog and love it! I'll be adding it to my favorites! Happy New Year!

Mr. LowBodyFat said...

Hey Sparky's Girl! I'm glad you've found my blog and thanks so much for your kind words. And, you have a very Happy New Year too!

Jimmy Clark said...

Does anyone recommend a good body fat scale that is accurate? I saw a post on that was comparing body fat scales to calipers and it said they weren't as accurate… is that true?