Thursday, January 3, 2008

Don't Be This Guy in 2008

It's finally here--2008! This is the year that you have made the decision to finally start your weight loss journey. You made your New Year's resolution a month early and joined the gym to show yourself that you are really determined this time. In addition to your new gym membership, you've picked up a tub of Whey Protein, fat burners made from Artic sea weed (that promise you can lose weight without exercising), and your trusty tube of man-boob eliminator cream.

But, you don't stop there. You figured that since you're going to the gym, you have to dress the part, right? So, you go out and buy new workout gear, with matching shoes, towel, and weight lifting gloves. You decided against buying a weightlifting belt this week, but plan on coming back for it.

OK, you can dress the part, but what in the world are you going to do once you get in the gym?
"No problem!" you say to yourself, and you simply dust off the stack of your favorite muscle mags in the corner and start flipping through looking for a good program. As you thumb through the pages and pages of ads and paid bodybuilders lying about how great a certain supplement is, you make sure to dog ear the programs that promise to Blast the fat, Burn the fat, and Melt the fat, etc. Oh, and you tear out the program that tells you that its scientifically researched exercises are specifically designed to Burn Belly Fat First!

Yeah baby, now you are ready to go to the gym to get that body that would make Zeus jealous. As you walk up to the gym for your first workout of the year, you are more than prepared. Hell, you've even brought a small tablet to write down the endless number of reps you're about to perform from your
Burn Belly Fat First! program. You don't use a PDA; you're too old school and serious about working out for that!

But, to your surprise, as you open the gym's door, it's packed wall to wall with guys who are not only dressed just as nice and color coordinated as you are, but they are also slowly mulling their way through their own complicated routines they lifted from a muscle mag too. On top of everything else, they're hoggin' up all the cardio machines, and there's a line of guys waiting to use bench press and lat pull-down machines even though no one is using the dip and pull-up tower.

"Now what?", you think to yourself as you walk back to your car promising that you'll make it to the gym earlier tomorrow . . .


Steelboss said...

Hi there, my name is Boss.

I was reading your blog, and I had to offer you a ibg congrats on your amazing weight loss.

I know from looking at your pics, and reading some of what you say about yourself, you are definitely the real deal, there's no doubt.

You're not someone that used to have a low conditioned body, and then somehow ended up looking like one of Pierce Brosnans body doubles, as most magazines will make you believe.

I have to say thumbs up about the fat burner comments, those Fat burners, Thermos, appetite suppressants and Cutting Gels are just the pits, and some people still use them, and make poor justification for wasting money on them.

Especially things like "I used an appetite suppressant, because I believe I couldn't have kept to a strict diet without it."

Then the answer is you didn't want it badly enough, if you believed partly in a Suppressant supplement, and not 100% in yourself.

As for New Years resolutions, I totally agree with you. I have a messageboard called Steelmuscle which is linked to my blog, and I wrote something about this on there just recently, about ways to start and stick to a new regime.

So I totally get what you're saying, it's about how badly does someone want something, and, how much they want to apply common sense to their situation.

If the mind and emotions don't achieve some kind of stability in such situations, the physical endeavours become weaker and less achievable.

So again I have to give you a lot of kudos, for doing so well over the past few years, you really have done an awesome job of changing your life around.

If you're interested, why not check my messageboard out. Someone like you with your insights and continued devotion to your physical self, would be extremely welcome anytime.

If you feel it's not for you, that's perfectly okay, but I thought I'd let you know anyway, and wish you continued luck and success in your life.

I think you definitely deserve it.

WELL DONE, and Happy New Year to you.



Mr. LowBodyFat said...

Boss, thanks a lot for all that you've said bro! I'm heading over to your blog after I send this. Happy New Year to you also.