Monday, January 7, 2008

MLBF's "In Search of Sandow" Body Transformation Challenge

I've always been told that I have an old soul. I've always credited this to my hanging out with many of my mom's friends at a young age, which caused me to think differently from many of my peers. Well, this has continued well into my adult years because I consider myself, as the ESPN Classic commercial used to say, Old School!

Whether it's driving a 20+ year-old Mercedes Turbo Diesel, blasting Eric B and Rakim's My Melody (where are my hip-hop historians), or using fitness equipment that has been around for over 100 years (e.g, kettlebells), I enjoy using and studying about classics. Well, when it comes to the male physique, I'm really old school when I look for inspiration. While there have been great and marvelous physiques over the decades, one has always stood out to me as a physique that just about any man can achieve with hard work and the proper information about nutrition and exercise. And that was the physique of no one other that the great Eugene Sandow--the father of modern bodybuilding!

When I thought about a goal I need to work towards this year, I saw the picture above and knew instantly what my extremely lofty goal for the year is going to be. Yes, I believe that I can train my body to the point that my physique can rival that of the great Sandow. Pipe dream? Maybe it is, maybe it's not; but, I'm more than willing to challenge myself to find out.

So, to kick start my goal, I've decided to start another blog to detail my 12 week "In Search of Sandow" Body Transformation Challenge. There, I'll detail my daily caloric intake, exercise, and overall thoughts about the process. For more information about my challenge, which I will start today, please go to my other temporary blog: MLBF's "In Search of Sandow" Body Transformation Blog.

Don't worry guys, I will still post here weekly as I've been doing, as the other blog is solely for my personal challenge. As a matter of fact, be on the look out for a series of posts about losing weight as a hobby in the upcoming weeks. Also, I'm in the process of securing interviews with many authors, strength and conditioning coaches, health bloggers, and natural doctors. So, be ready for many new and exciting things from my blog for 2008!

Oh, just in case you were wondering, no, I'm not going to take pictures in leopard print bikins or with a leaf like the picture to the right! However, I haven't ruled out white tiger print bikinis just yet . . .



Getting Real said...

Just found your blog and I so impressed with how you achieved your current level of fitness. I have a friend who lost about 130 pounds 14 years ago and he told me its was a 4 year process for him and then maintaining. Wow, your great! I will back to read your old and new post.

Mr. LowBodyFat said...

Hey bro, thanks for your post. Hey, you're friend is absolutely right! I had one year that I only lost 5lbs because I wasn't counting calories. Thanks again.